“Loving all the insight on using Facebook to ramp up business my friend…we’d be lost without you!!”

Migun Wellness Clinics, Ponsonby

Our social media skills here at Migun Wellness Clinics grow ever more nimble by the day because of you Dale Calder and Let’s Get Social & Ramp Up Business .

Migun Fam.

Thanks for all your help Dale.  Getting this page set up through Let’s Get Social & Ramp Up Business was a huge success ..

Dr Dion Wilcox, – Chiropractic For Life

“Dale is a consummate professional. Always on the ball when it comes to innovations on the rapidly changing Facebook scene. He is friendly, helpful, and always timely. The success of our social marketing platforms are largely due to Dale’s knowledge of social media and his ability to transfer that understanding to novices like myself. Our business wouldn’t be the same with out him!”

Nathan McCullough

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