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Let’s be quite clear. The template that I craft for you, used in conjunction with the traffic generation tips included in the bonuses, in and of themselves, will ensure that over time you build up a large fan base from the organic traffic coming through to your Facebook landing page. And remember all of this traffic is totally free.

But, I recognize that no two businesses are the same and as the old saying goes, sometimes it’s ‘different strokes for different folks.’ The following services which I and my team are able to make available, totally complement those in the basic package.

I would be happy to quote you on any of the following:

1. Creation of Viral Fan Pages.

It is important to understand that a Business fan page worked correctly can very quickly go viral. But it is not a Viral fanpage. Confused? Let me explain.

A Business fan page is created for the express purpose of promoting a product, service or brand. A Viral page, ideally with a theme, having kinship in some way to the business page, is directed at a much larger potential fan base. Worked properly. it has the potential to grow extremely fast, often with fans numbering in the thousands or, tens of thousands. Then, from that broader base of fans, a percentage can be funneled on through to the business page. This can be a very good way to spike up the traffic landing on a somewhat slow moving Business page. Having said that, certain types of businesses do not predispose themselves to use of a Viral page.

If I feel that a Viral Page  is merited for your business and the specific results you wish to achieve, then I will tell you at the initial consultation. And remember,  there is nothing to stop you investigating the feasibility of a Viral Page at any later time.

2. Advanced Traffic Generation and Conversion Strategies.

If you want absolutely no stone unturned when it comes to working your fan page to maximum effect, then I can offer you ‘one  on one’ coaching in some of the most advanced cutting edge strategies for ramping up your business using the free traffic available through Facebook.  Many of these techniques are virtually ‘unknown’ and will result in you gaining total domination over your local competition. This session will include coaching on using the new Timeline for Business Pages, effectively.

3. Autoresponder Set-up.

This includes full set up of your autoresponder, including creation of an opt-in box on your ‘Welcome’ page or on a landing page on your website and the first three introductory newsletters for your newsletter list.

4. Facebook Store Set-up.

A Facebook tab page can be set up as a storefront where you can showcase your goods and services.

5. Professional Photography Services

As with the Video service shown below, we also offer a professional Photography service.

6. Professional Video Services

We would recommend you constrain the length of your video on the ‘Welcome’ page to no more than 2 minutes. You may wish to have a professional create this, to present your business in the very best possible light.

We have a full professional video service available, should you require this.

7. Advanced Customization of Templates

This includes customized Facebook customized graphics for the template header and autoresponder set-up, as above.

8. Integration of Facebook Apps With Fan Pages and Websites

Take a look at a demo of one of these .. and prepare to be gobsmacked! Shortly I will be setting up a page here explaining these in some depth .. so do keep an eye out for this ..

Yet to come ..

Virtual Assistance.

Although the commitment involved in interacting with and engaging fans, and in promoting your page, may not be especially time consuming at the start, over time as you gain more and more fans, you simply may not want the hassle of keeping on top of everything on a day to day basis. Our team will soon be able to assist with handling of your status updates, responding to comments, management of settings and admins, promotional material, viral events (extremely powerful), updating page information in the way of photos and videos, posting to other social media sites, joint venture approaches, press releases, etc.

Facebook Integrated Landing Page For Your Website Or Blog.

We design our landing pages to act as a bridge between the social atmosphere which prevails on Facebook and the more business-like face of your web page. As such, the pages still retain a social ‘character’ to ease the transition across. They have opt-in box included if required, and are set up with Facebook Connect to enable connection with Facebook friends and the posting of information and updates to one’s Facebook profile.

Facebook Paid Ad Campaigns

Many businesses are fast realizing just how effective Facebook Advertising is, particularly when compared to Google’s PPC. At this point in time it offers up a much cheaper PPC price and furthermore allows direct linking (something Google doesn’t do). It’s real power however lies in the fact that you can far more effectively target your prospective buyers using the likes of Location, Demographics, Interests, Advanced Targeting etc.

Many businesses are now driving traffic through to their business fan page using Facebook PPC, rather than to their website, because of the very viral nature of a properly managed Facebook page.

We are able to assist you in setting up your own effective Facebook PPC campaigns.


Looking for other specialist services? We can also assist you in setting up a WordPress website/blog, but also work with a specialist website and graphics design firm and a local copywriter  if you wish to step things up a notch. Contact me now to obtain further information about any of the above services. It will be a pleasure to assist.





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