Facebook – Why You Need It

While  Facebook marketing is very much the buzz out there in the online world, you as a  local business owner may be asking – well of what possible relevance is that to me? Good question!

The reality is that the world of social media has caught up with small businesses, most of whom do the bulk of their business in their local geographic area. Facebook  is fast becoming the Number 1 online marketing site, as it ramps up to thoroughly trounce Google.

Now, you may reason that having access to over 1 billion Facebook users, is of little relevance or use to your little bricks and mortar business. Point taken! But imagine if by using some of the powerful tools and platforms which Facebook makes available, you could gain access to several hundred or even several thousand users living in your town or city .. and at very little or even no cost, to your business! Would that not prick your interest?

You know .. despite the fact that sites like Facebook and Twitter  are now  permanently enmeshed in the lives of so many people (with each new member on Facebook now spending an average of 55 minutes every day on the site), a huge number of small business owners are simply not taking advantage of the potential that these mega sites are offering. I suspect that this boils down to their  believing that there is no measurable return on investment (ROI), whether of time or money.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

Around 71% of small businesses don’t use social media in any way whatsoever so as to promote themselves and  my personal observations have shown that most who do use the likes of Facebook for instance, have little knowledge of this viral giant, and are nowhere near using it to best effect.

I came to the decision some time ago that I owed it to local business owners in my community to inform them of the most powerful marketing tool imaginable they now have at their fingertips; without parallel when it comes to getting their message, product or service out to more people in less time, with less effort and far less cost.

Times are certainly changing and the old school marketing approach simply won’t cut it with today’s discerning audience. The web has now become social and in a nutshell that means that not only are customers able to make choices; they can now connect with friends from all over the globe, see what they are recommending and buy and act on those recommendations. It’s a known fact that we are 35% more likely to buy something on the recommendation of a friend than by just acting independently.

Imagine just reaching a miniscule fraction of those  1 billion+ Facebook users and providing them with something  so uber cool, that they could not help but ‘like’ us ! Like .. REALLY ‘like’ us. And all they needed to do was click a button! Imagine then, these good folk going one step further and allowing those same friends who view their pages, to go “like” our page as well.

A recent study by Synapse on a number of well known brands showed that on average, Facebook fans (those same good folk who have given the thumbs up to business pages that they like) spend $71.84 a year more on brands they are fans of, than those customers who are not fans. Furthermore they are 28% more likely than non fans to continue using that brand.

Plain and simple .. if you are ignoring Facebook .. then you do so at your peril! Chances are if your competitors are not already up there, then they very shortly will be.

I specialize in teaching local businesses ‘secret’ techniques for driving vast amounts of free traffic back to their website (and for that matter ‘through the front door’) by leveraging their Facebook business page to full effect. I say ‘secret’ because most of what I am able to teach you is just not being taught elsewhere.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can assist your business have  a meaningful presence on Facebook,  then feel free to fill out the form here .Your first 30 minute consultation will be absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose by taking that first step now. Oh! And by the way .. I work with local businesses world-wide, not just here in Auckland.

This may be the most important business decision you take this year .. seriously!  So, I encourage you to take action, now.  Let’s go create some buzz!


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